Earn $40 or $14 per sale you refer, with the EmailMerge.cc Affiliate Program

After having opened my first webshop, I've now started my first affiliate program. It works like this:

  • Affiliates get in touch with me and get a personalized discount/affiliate code.
  • When somebody uses that specific code, they get 20% off the full price of the software
  • The affiliate then gets to keep 50% of the amount paid by the customer

Depending on which product the customer chooses, the affiliate receives:

  • $40 for the Enterprise version (full price $99,99, customer gets it for $79,99)
  • $14 for the Pro version (full price $34,99, customer gets it for $27,99)

Don't hesitate: it costs you nothing and pays well, so learn more about the program and get your own affiliate code today!

Cold calling to set up IE calls

After having selected the goat milk farmers as my first market, and getting a list of the businesses in that area, I had phone numbers but no email addresses. This meant jumping right into cold calling farmers to set up Idea Extraction calls.

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Market selection: Goat milk farmers

These are my notes on my first market selection: Goat milk farmers. I originally had thought about all milk producers (including cow milk), and that is what the notes below denote, but in practice I have focused exclusively on goat milk farmers.

Selecting a market - Dairy Farmers? In The Netherlands (then Europe, then US)

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The 1000% formula

Are you familiar with Brian Tracy's continuous improvement formula, also known as the 1000% formula? The quick version is that if you improve yourself by one tenth of a percent (1/10 %) every day, in 10 years you'll have improved by 1000%, with the conclusion that you'll increase your income by the same amount.

Have a look at this 10 minute video from Brian himself:

If you're more the text-reading type, go ahead to Brian's website and read The Continuous Improvement Formula article.

Now go and read for an hour every day!