Cold call script to set up an IE call

This is the script I've loosely followed when making cold calls to reach out to the goat milk farmers in order to set up Idea Extraction calls as part of The Foundation process:

(translation from Dutch, i.e. not a word-for-word translation of the actual words I'm using)

Good afternoon,

My name is Emiel Klein <I use an adaptation of my first name, since Emilien is unusual for folks here, while they know folks that are called Emiel>

I am a [starting] entrepreneur [from Den Bosch], currently working on a project around milk producers. <You can leave "starting" out. I use it for now to build up some sympathy with these business owners to remind them of how they started.It has worked fine for now, but it might back-fire if they get the feeling you don't know anything and will just waste their time. Use your judgment> <Mention "from town name" if you're calling a business that is local to you, to build up some rapport>

Are you producing [cow/goat (make it animal-specific if you know it)] milk?

<PAUSE, let them answer>

<If Not producing milk> My information must be incorrect, sorry for interupting. Have a nice day!

<If YES, producing milk> I'm currently getting in touch with a number of [cow/goat (make it animal-specific, now that you know it)] farmers, in order to figure out what works fine for succesful milk producers, and also understand what works less well/challenges/issues that you are facing.

<PAUSE, answer any question they might have such as "Which university are you part of?">

I'd like to pick a date and time for a 20 or 30 minutes phone call with you, so that I can ask you a number of questions. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell you anything, just understanding how things are going in your market.


<If interested, propose a day, if they're OK ask for morning of afternoon, then present a time> Would this Wednesday work for you? Is it better for you in the morning or the afternoon? How about we set it at 2pm? <Then thank them for setting up the call, greet them and mention you'll call back on said date>

<If not interested in setting up the call, try to figure out what the reason is, e.g.> her: "we're too busy with the animals at this time with the nice weather" me: "can I call you back when it rains" her [confused]: "well, I guess so..."

<If really not interested, ask if you can contact them later on with the findings of your study. Even if they don't participate in the IE process, they might still become a customer later on?> Can I inform you in the future on the outcome of my study, namely about how the problems that are faced by your peers can be solved?

<in any case, end the call on a good note, thank their for their time/energy, and don't end on a refusal, go ahead and call the next number on your list ;)>