What I'm doing now - June 2016

Last updated: June 3rd, 2016

I've created this page to help me allocate the right amount of time and energy to what I need and want to do. I will update this page regularly, usually at the beginning of each month. This page does not contain general information about me.

June 2016

June will be a month characterized by Finalization, as I'm putting the finishing touches to my first book.


The Avondvierdaagse is just behind our backs, it was fun to walk the 5kms with our oldest son. You'd think these kids get tired, but they don't stop running back and forth!

With the UEFA cup taking place this month, we'll probably spend quite some time watching football games. GO FRANCE!

A long weekend trip to the family vacation home is also profiling towards the end of the month.

Day job

At Erasmus MC we're finally at the moment of the first Review Day (mid-June), the preparations are going full steam and the first technical test with the lab system were just performed. It's nice to get into the more concrete testing phases!

Last month I also finally got the logo for my Zorg Piloot company designed!


Side projects

At this moment I have 4 principal side projects going on:

  • Writing my first book
  • Continuing my idea extraction efforts as part of The Foundation training
  • Push harder on the promotion of EmailMerge.cc
  • Helping my wife get started with FBA

The initial writing of all the chapters is done! With just under two months, I'm pretty pleased with my commitment to this project. It showed me I'm able to double down, focus and make the best use of my commute time. I'm currently working on reviewing all the chapters and reformulating some sections. That should take me about three weeks, after which I'll give the book to an editor for their external review. At that point I'll also start a new 99 Designs (affiliate link) contest to design the book cover.

The Foundation Europe meetup in Barcelona is coming up! From June 9th to 12th I'm looking forward to meeting some of my fellow Foundationers and exchanging thoughts about entrepreneurship. I will be focusing on applying some of the techniques to Zorg Piloot.

The Barcelona event will also be an opportunity for me to work on improving the copy on the EmailMerge.cc website, and investigate the ideas around email automation.

Our first FBA package is going out the door today! With a total of 10 items in the package, it will be interesting to see how the items will be selling. In order to focus on FBA, our efforts around Ramit Sethi's Zero to Launch are currently paused.


Still going on with learning Italian language using Duolingo. I haven't skipped a day since having started.

I'm also expecting to be learning quite some things during the trip to Barcelona to the Foundation Europe event coming up during the second weekend of June.

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