I've opened my first webshop

My first attempt to selling anything is live: meet https://EmailMerge.cc to send emails from Excel with CC and BCC.

During my most recent Electronic Medical Record implementation, I had the need to send the same email out to all the vendors I was working with (about 50). I had a couple of folks for each vendor that I wanted to CC on, such as the application specialist from the hospital and the people on my team.

I quickly found out that the standard Mail Merge tools in Word and Excel only allow you to send one email to one person at a time. A number of websearches later, and definitely not a fan of messing around with VB code in Office, I decided to write my own tool.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and having used the tool to send about 6 different emails to the folks I needed to keep up to date on the progress of our project, I decided to make it just a bit more user friendly and "sell in on the Internet"!

Forging ahead with the idea of a Minimal Viable Product, I bought the domain name EmailMerge.cc and opened a Shopify account.

So here it is, it lives at https://EmailMerge.cc, the website is at this moment absolutely not customer-friendly, I still need to optimize it a lot, but I got my first paying customer last week! The amount is not that significant, but what a feeling!

At this moment I'm driving traffic to the shop with paid advertising (Google Adwords), but once I've improved the site I'll start reaching out to create referral relationships which I hope will drive sales of the software. I'll keep you posted! [EDIT 2015-12-28: the referral program is live!]