Idea Extraction live

My notes on this video from The Foundation, showing a live example of Idea Extraction (IE) being performed.

This is using the IE Email strategy, in which you go through a person's email inbox to uncover issues.

Suggestion is to start up with somebody you know, who is already in business.

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Tomorrow is going to be great!

There we are! After two weeks of indirect negotiation and waiting, I'm glad to be able to start working tomorrow morning in a new hospital. More details later. Nighty night!

Brian Tracy - Successful people never fail, they simply have learning experiences

Tonight while doing the dishes, I was listening to episode 618 of the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast, interviewing Brian Tracy.

I just love this nugget of wisdom, at about 1:30 before the end of the episode, when John Lee Dumas asks Brian Tracy about his parting peace of guidance:

Get going and keep going, and learn from every mistake, throw it over your shoulder.

The one character of successful people is that they never fail, they simply have learning experiences.

—Brian Tracy

That last quote is not strictly from Brian, as he mentions he got that from "a study". But as far as I'm concerned, I'll remember that as being his...

RPF 152 - Measuring Your Biggest Asset: The Lifetime Value Of Your Income

A quick note to recommend episode 152 of the Radical Personal Finance podcast on Measuring Your Biggest Asset: The Lifetime Value Of Your Income, in which Joshua Sheats invites us to consider the expected value of your life’s income, to realize that we're already rich.

The three primary levers to push are:

  • The higher your starting income, the better.
  • The higher the annual increase, the better.
  • The more years of income, the better.

Read the show notes or listen to the episode for more details.

Using the data-hook attribute for JavaScript event binding

While reading through the Ampersand.js documentation, I came upon this page which just clicked with me.

The problem is that when different people (e.g. a developer and a designer) collaborate on a CSS + JavaScript application, if one of them changes the selector (id or class) the other person's side of the application may break (missing style, or broken js).

By using the "data-hook" attribute instead to provide selectors for the JavaScript code, an HTML/CSS dev can go change whatever else they want in the template without fear of breaking the JavaScript.


FOSDEM 2015 recap

This year was no exception: FOSDEM 2015 was just as fun as previous years.

I did have a car issue (gear stick not responsive) when arriving at the Janson parking on Saturday, which meant missing talks until about noon, but the issue was fixed promptly by the ANWB/Touring, which was a relief. I didn't have a working SIM card in my phone, but thanks to Stappers who lended me a spare one, I was able to get in touch with the ANWB and get this solved promptly.

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Come in, we're Open!

There we are, we're open for business. In fact, I should say businesses:

I did the paperwork last Thursday, and started the week with a number of administrative tasks:

  • getting a new cellphone number
  • opening a bank account
  • taking care of the various insurance and retirement administrative steps
  • discussing various topics with my accountant
  • buying a new computer
  • reserving the domain names and putting up quick "Coming Soon" placeholders
  • opening up Twitter (1, 2) and LinkedIn (3, 4) accounts
  • setting up mailing lists with MailChimp
  • looking for a possible flexible workplace outside of home

There obviously much left to do, but I'm happy of these first few days. To be continued!