We're open! (well, almost)

Today, I've been to the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) and signed all the paperwork to open my new business!

The business' official start date is Monday, February 2nd 2015. I can't wait to take this new challenge on, but first on the planning is opening a bank account, buying a new computer, and reserving the domain names.

More to come next week!

Testing Client-Side Applications with Django

Coincidence? Two days after having read the Lightweight Django book, one of its authors Mark Lavin gave an O'Reilly webcast on the topic of testing client-side applications with Django, going deeper into the testing aspect of the book.

The recording is now available, have a look if you're interested in that topic (the site mentions "This presentation will be available to audience members until Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 03:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.")

Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?

Just around the new year, I have enrolled in the edX course MITx: 15.390.1x Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?.

It kind of slipped off my radar in the past 2 weeks, but it's now back in my focus and I plan to make good progress on it quickly. The estimated effort is around 4 hours per week, and the course lasts for 12 week, so I'd better get to it quickly to not accumulate too much backlog...

I will be updating this post as I go along the course. Last update: 2015-03-04.

Notes ahead! …

Lightweight Django


I've finished reading the Lightweight Django book by Julia Elman and Mark Lavin, which marks in a way my return to web development (more on this topic in February). I will most likely start working on a web application next month, and the concepts introduced in this book will come in handy:

  • Creating a REST API using Django
  • Using a client-side MVC framework to build a SPA (Single Page Application)

Coincidentally, a couple of days later an O’Reilly webcast was given by one of the co-authors of the book, Mark Lavin. As the title suggests, the Testing Client-Side Applications with Django webcast focused on the testing of a SPA written with Backbone.js.

Speaking of SPA, have a look at the SPA and the Single Page Myth article by John Papa.

I'll have to investigate these SPA frameworks a bit more, for now the ones on my list are:

Happy web coding!

Human JavaScript

It's been a long time since I hadn't read a book in just 2 days. Granted, it's a relatively short one, but still: it was my introduction to SPA (Single Page Application) programming, and Human JavaScript (yep, that's the book) by @HenrikJoreteg was an informative read. It introduces the main concepts in Ampersand.js.

The book can be read for free on the web. I have created my own ebook to read on my Kindle, and will blog shortly on how I've done so.

Converting blog posts from Tumblr to Nikola

When relaunching my personal site, I wanted to import the few posts that I had made on http://e2jk.tumblr.com/. As all programmer/computer geek will tell you, we are lazy people: copy/pasting content from the web browser to text files was just not an option!

I found a project called Edison that does the bulk of what I was looking for: create one .rst files for each Tumblr blog post. The project had a couple of issues with encoding and non-Youtube videos, so after a bit of hacking I got the project working for my use case (note: you will need to generate an API key from Tumblr).

A bit of manual processing was needed (namely to get the hyperlinks and lists working), but it was overall a very useful project.