Lightweight Django


I've finished reading the Lightweight Django book by Julia Elman and Mark Lavin, which marks in a way my return to web development (more on this topic in February). I will most likely start working on a web application next month, and the concepts introduced in this book will come in handy:

  • Creating a REST API using Django
  • Using a client-side MVC framework to build a SPA (Single Page Application)

Coincidentally, a couple of days later an O’Reilly webcast was given by one of the co-authors of the book, Mark Lavin. As the title suggests, the Testing Client-Side Applications with Django webcast focused on the testing of a SPA written with Backbone.js.

Speaking of SPA, have a look at the SPA and the Single Page Myth article by John Papa.

I'll have to investigate these SPA frameworks a bit more, for now the ones on my list are:

Happy web coding!