Tony Robbins - Awake the giant within

My notes from listening to Tony Robbins' audiobook Awake the giant within. Browsing through Tony's website, I noticed that he is giving his ebook Re-Awaken the Giant Within away for free, a compilation of the best insights from Awaken the Giant Within (disclaimer: I have not read that version myself).

Six keys to harness the power of decision:

  1. True power of making decisions.
  2. Hardest step is making true commitment.
  3. Make decisions often.
  4. Learn from your decisions.
  5. Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach.
  6. Enjoy making decisions.

Make a list of beliefs that:

  • Empowers you.
  • Disempowers you.

Six master steps of Neuro-Associative Conditioning (NAC):

  1. Decide what you really want and what's preventing from having it now.
  2. Get leverage on yourself, create a sense of urgency, ask questions that create pain followed with questions that generate pleasure.
  3. Interrupt the limiting pattern, e.g.:
    • Scream "Alleluia, my feet don't stink today"
    • Replay a negative experience backwards and with funny sounds and colors
  4. Create a new empowering alternative. This is critical to sustain long-term change.
  5. Condition the new pattern until it's consistent. Make immediate rewards.
  6. Test the new pattern for ecology and effectiveness. Does it work in business/personal life, does it fit with core beliefs and values?

Create a "magnificent obsession".

People say "I don't have goals". Everybody has goals, either reduce or eliminate pain, or guide to anything generating pleasure.

Your current condition does not reflect your ultimate potential, but rather the size and quality of your current goals.

Unconscious fear of disappointment.

Champions have an unbelievable level of persistence.

Goals are dreams with a deadline.

Four types of goals:

  1. Personal development goals:
    • Things to learn
    • Limitations to overcome
    • Ways to improve body, spirituality, relationships
  2. Career/business/economic goals:
    • How much money in one year/lifetime
    • What career goals
    • investment/money management goals
    • How much to spend on travel, adventure, kids' education
    • Professional breakthroughs
  3. Adventure goals/Toy goals:
    • What to build and create
    • What to purchase and own
    • Places to go
    • Adventure
  4. Contribution goals, e.g.:
    • Build shelter for homeless
    • Adopt a child
    • Read to the blind
    • Volunteer in the peace corps
    • Clean up the oceans
    • Eliminate discrimination
    • Develop a car that runs on garbage
    • Invent a device that finds lost contact lenses

Twice a day, rehearse and emotionally enjoy the experience of achieving these goals.