What I'm doing now - March 2016

This is the saved copy of my /now page for March 2016. You can check out what I'm doing now, or keep on reading how things were back then.

Last updated: March 3rd, 2016

I've created this page to help me allocate the right amount of time and energy to what I need and want to do. I will update this page regularly. This page does not contain general information about me.

March 2016

March will be a month characterized by Scaling Up, as I continue increasing my efforts on the various fronts.


I'm looking forward to spending a long Easter weekend in the north of France together with our Swiss US/Mexican friends, as we've now been doing for a couple of years. Other than that, the month should be rather quiet with the usual routines during the week and weekends. There's nothing wrong with being a bit less busy from time to time.

Day job

At Erasmus MC we're working full steam through specifications, and are avidly looking forward to a test system being available to start producing messages. Discussions with 3rd party vendors have started.

I'm now finished at my previous project at the Elkerliek hospital in Helmond. Being my first project since I started working for my own, I am really pleased about how this went.

This month I'm also jumping in for a colleague, replacing him as Interface Project Leader in the Franciscus en Vlietland Groep for a couple of days, one of which being a Review Dag (a high-stakes day where multiple vendors are physically present at the hospital, which makes for intellectually challenging days - which is great!). I enjoy being able to help other hospitals make these difficult and complex days a success, and appreciate the trust that is being placed in me.

Side projects

At this moment I have 2 principal side projects going on:

I have not done much on the Foundation side of things since October, and will use the second half of March to reflect on how to get this part rolling again.

On the EmailMerge.cc front, things are starting to get good traction. In February the incomes represented more than 3 times the expenses, taking in fact that I started experimenting with sending postcards (yes, the snail mail type) to paying customers and some of the demo users. That effort hasn't seen specific returns yet, I'll continue that test in March and then determine if it's worth pursuing (it cost me €2.40 per postcard, including stamp).

I have not yet taken action on my other project ideas (course and book), and am postponing them a bit to make sure I focus on the current projects.


My study of the Italian language using the Duolingo platform is progressing smoothly. I'm now on a 36-day streak at the Serious level (3 "courses" per day), and have now reached the 25% milestone. I enjoy this brainteasing during my morning commute.

Our mastermind group has been stopped a month ago. At this moment I'm taking a break, but definitely want to join another mastermind group in a couple of months.

I've made only moderate progress on the Prince2 Foundation Training due to the fact that I started entering the facts I already learned into Anki's Spaced Repetition Software. Instead of racing through the course, I'm spending some more time in the repetition to make sure I remember most of what I learn. I will continue working on it mainly during my commute.

Last month I also completed the How I Get Paid $1,000 Every Friday Trading Options course, and I'm taking steps to put this strategy in place.

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