What I'm doing now - April 2016

This is the saved copy of my /now page for April 2016. You can check out what I'm doing now, or keep on reading how things were back then.

Last updated: April 4th, 2016

I've created this page to help me allocate the right amount of time and energy to what I need and want to do. I will update this page regularly. This page does not contain general information about me.

April 2016

April will be a month characterized by Focus, as I crank out my first book.


Coming back refreshed from a long Easter weekend in the north of France, and with the good weather coming up (18 degrees C last Sunday) we're going to spend some more time outside (finally!). Soccer, skateboard and scooter in sight!

Day job

At Erasmus MC we should very soon get our test system ready to start producing messages, which will mark the beginning of active technical testing sessions. Lots do to: excited!

Side projects

At this moment I have 3 principal side projects going on:

  • Writing my first book
  • Continuing my idea extraction efforts as part of The Foundation training
  • Push harder on the promotion of EmailMerge.cc

I've done it: I've started working on my first book over Easter weekend! I'm at the point now that I have the basic structure down with sections (8) and chapters (28). I've written about 3 chapters up to this point.

As mentioned on the previous months' Now page, I have not done much on the Foundation side of things since October. I've had 2 one-on-one mastermind calls and we're planning a session with the 3 of us to see if there would be a good fit. I do have to get back on the saddle if I want to have anything meaningful to share in June at the European Foundation event in Spain, which I'm planning to attend.

On the EmailMerge.cc front the previous month has been a slow one, with no paying customer. A sharp contrast with February. That said, I'm to blame as I should have been giving it more attention (a redesign of the site to make it look more professional shouldn't harm the sales...) I'm not sure I'll get to it this month though.

The changes to the Udemy course prices last months have me slightly confused on my course creation objective. But luckily I have enough on my plate now that I can safely propose that to later!


My study of the Italian language using the Duolingo platform is progressing smoothly. Due to a network issue during the long weekend which resulted in a day not being logged followed by a day I wasn't able to work on the course, my 56 day streak got reset. No biggie, as I've nonetheless reached the 37% milestone. Going on!

I've made no progress on the Prince2 Foundation Training but am still working daily on the questions I entered into Anki. My priority is on keeping momentum on the book, so I'm pausing the progress on this course for now.

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