What I'm doing now - February 2016

This is the saved copy of my /now page for February 2016. You can check out what I'm doing now, or keep on reading how things were back then.

Last updated: February 5th, 2016

I've created this page to help me allocate the right amount of time and energy to what I need and want to do. I will update this page regularly. This page does not contain general information about me.

February 2016

February will be a month characterized by Closing, as I finish up my project at the Elkerliek hospital in Helmond.


Just when my wife and kids are settled back into school mode, Carnaval and one week of vacation is starting. Plenty to organize and do to keep these energy sources occupied!

Day job

With only 3 work days left at Elkerliek, I need to focus on writing up the transfer information and closing report. With a presentation and a couple of 1-on-1 sessions, I'll also be spending some time at Elkerliek doing Mental Martial Arts coaching.

At Erasmus , having laid the groundwork for the project, the next phase is meeting the ChipSoft consultants who will be assigned to our project. We've got plenty to discuss and put in motion - let's go!

Side projects

At this moment I have 2 principal side projects going on:

I have not done much on the Foundation side of things since October, and will most likely not make any progress either in February as I'm still working full-time and commuting to Rotterdam each day (almost 4 hours back and forth - luckily going with the train, so getting back two hours of work time). I might look into using some of that commute time for the Foundation, although at this time I'm using it to make progress on my two hospital projects. So this is still up in the air for now.

I've had another couple of customers on EmailMerge.cc, but my initial (December/January) outreach efforts and Affiliate Program have not yet seem much traction. So there's work to be done there!

I have not yet taken action on my other project ideas (course and book), and am postponing them a bit to make sure I focus on the current projects.


I've resumed my learning of the Italian language, through the Duolingo platform. I originally started this for fun, to see how Duolingo works, but it's actually so fun and takes just a few minutes here and there (perfect on these transfer times during my morning commute mentioned previously) that I'm keeping on with it. I think the last "milestone" I was presented was that I got to 13%.

Our mastermind group has been closed. At this moment I'm taking a break, but definitely want to join another mastermind group in a couple of months.

I've started the Prince2 Foundation Training course and will continue working on it during my commute. The other courses are queued for later.

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