Linux workshop/introduction at work

I am currently preparing what I called a Linux workshop for my techy colleagues at work. I intend it to be an introduction to the world of Linux, but by no means am I pretending to be a Linux guru, I'm just a Linux user at home (unfortunately not at work...)

I am thinking about some quick slides (max 5-10 min) to get the basic information about Linux out. I won't go too deep into the FLOSS side of things in this session, but I want them to get hands on on the system. I plan to prepare a VM that they will run on their Windows computers to get their first contact with Linux. I originally planned on installing Ubuntu 10.10 in the VMs because that's what I use at home and am most familiar with, but I recently installed Linux Mint 10, and it's pretty impressive! I might go with that for their first contact with Linux.

I will update this post with links to resources I can find on the Internet to get this presentation going. Once my presentation is finished, I'll post a link to it so that others can re-use and improve it. Stay tuned!